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Purebred cats go missing

Kaitlyn Marie, a purebred Himalayan cat, went missing over the weekend from 70th and Dibble. “She’s supposed to be in my lap at night and I miss that,” her owner, Linda explained.

A block away another cat, a purebred black manx named Bear disappeared about the same time, Linda said.

Linda said she fears raccoons might have gotten her cat, but Seattle Animal Control told her the cat’s disappearance might also be the work of a coyote roaming from Golden Gardens or Carkeek Park. Predators of the two-legged kind could also be to blame, so she’s keeping an eye on Craigslist to see if anyone is trying to sell a Himalayan.

Kaitlyn Marie has dark feet and a dark tail. She is about five years old and is chipped. If you see her, call (206) 782-3218 or (206) 909-2263.

UPDATE: Here’s more info on Bear who is a 5-year-old neutered male cat. He’s all black, has no tail (just a tuft) and is blind in his right eye. The owners hired a Search and Rescue tracker who followed the cat’s scent to Kaitlyn Marie’s home, so they fear someone walked off with one or both cats.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Bear came home Sunday night.