Ursa Major Teen Learning Community

302 N 78th St
(206) 888-2722


Your teenager can pursue their interests and prepare for adulthood without going to school full time (or at all).
And they can start now.

We work with your family to accommodate your teen’s current needs in ways that are out of reach for school environments.

  • Consent-based learning with clear real-world application that reduces teen boredom, anxiety, and hopelessness.
  • A welcoming community without the pressure, competition, and exclusion often experienced in school.
  • Flexibility for travel, employment, addressing health concerns, part-time school attendance, or participation in athletics or performing arts.
  • Daily opportunities for teens to identify, value, and act upon their personal strengths NOW instead of waiting for the far-off finish line of high school graduation.
  • Weekly check-ins with caring adults and regular celebration of achievements through ongoing individual goal-setting and personalized record keeping.

Ursa Major Teen Learning Community

302 N 78th St

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