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Phinney Estate Law is a small firm focusing on estate planning and probate. We take a holistic approach to law in these areas.

For estate planning, we believe that an individual or family’s values, unique dynamics, and broader goals are often the most important elements in good planning. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and working with families to develop solutions to meet their goals in meaningful, simple, and affordable ways. We offer new estate planning clients a free 1/2-hour consultation to help determine if we are a good fit for their needs.

We also understand that probate and trust administration often requires loved ones to deal with logistics during grief and upheaval. We strive to support clients through this process in a way that honors that and helps make the process as simple as possible. We also work with families to help resolve any potential conflict without resorting to expensive and emotionally draining litigation. We offer a $300 1-hour initial consultation for new probate clients to help them determine the necessary process and ensure we are a good fit for them.

We recognize that the cost of legal services can be a barrier to services for many families. Operating out of our home to allow us to provide more affordable legal services for all clients and offer moderate pricing for lower-income families.

We are committed to providing services that make all clients feel respected and understood. We have long committed to providing knowledgeable and inclusive services to the LGBTQ community. We focus much of our practice on helping families dealing with issues of disability, addiction, and mental illness.

We value our community and actively participate in the PNA business group, sponsoring and volunteering for Rainbow Hop, Lunar New Year, and the Dias de los Muertos festival. We also support and our staff volunteer with the Aurora Commons, Phinney Neighborhood Association, and Carkeek Water Shed Slamon Program.

Phinney Estate Law

751 N 75th St

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