Nurturing Pathways Early Childhood Dance

6532 Phinney Ave N #7
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A creative dance program for birth​ up to five​

Nurturing Pathways®, Inc. promotes healthy development, strong bonds and parent education through creative dance derived from the scientific research on the brain-body connection.

Bond with your baby and build relationships with other parents while you enjoy 45 minutes of creative dance and 15 minutes of conversational time with parents. The class includes baby rhyming exercises, dance explorations, musical instruments, folk dances, and sensory rich props.

Walking waddlers, watching and working with their world.

  • Enrich your child’s development dancing together
  • Rehearse important movement patterns for brain growth with rhyming exercises
  • Explore movement with props and instruments
  • Watch their movement skills expand
  • Open the door to your child’s movement potential now that they are walking!

The bold age of 2 to 4 brings blossoming independence and the capacity to imitate in order to learn. The years of “synaptic exuberance” (Lise Eliot) are an essential time for fun, challenging dance activities. This hour long class will develop your child’s expressive capabilities, improve their listening skills, foster their social skills, and develop their musicality.

Nurturing Pathways Early Childhood Dance

6532 Phinney Ave N #7

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