He Saw Her Paint LLC

616 NW 80th St
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He Saw Her Paint is a small company that specializes in  both and interior and exterior carpentry services as well as interior painting.  The company is owned by Roger and Abby Brockway. Since we do all the work ourselves, you get quality along with a personal touch.  Referrals are the highest compliment and we strive for that satisfaction.

We offer:


  • interior painting in colors you love


  • small custom cabinetry (with design provided by customer
  • exterior restoration/repair windows/doors & trim
  • finish carpentry
  • rot repair

Greenwood Neighborhood

We value a light footprint.  One way that we can walk lightly is to drive less.  We have oriented our business to Greenwood, the neighborhood we live in.  We have been able to do this by staying small. We have no plans to grow bigger.  We may be little in size but big on service – are able to focus on each customer, paying careful attention to what is required and finding creative solutions to make the job a success.

The space around us in very important. We understand that your home is your refuge. We also understand in a broader sense that as you expand that concept of “home” that we are in relationship to each other, bigger than neighborhood, county, state, country. We are all citizens of the world and that we have a responsibility to care for each other and for the planet that we live on.  We work so that we may live into that concept – working to protect what we love and being in relationship to the expanded environments that include us all.


Our Commitment:

To respect, protect, love and restore our planet, our neighborhood and our homes.

He Saw Her Paint LLC

616 NW 80th St

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