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New Greenwood Avenue business opening tomorrow: Kym’s Kiddy Corner debuts at 11am

Kym’s Kiddy Corner, which had operated in the Northgate neighborhood since 1985, has moved to Greenwood and is opening on April 1st at 11am. Housed in the former Francine Seders Gallery at 6701 Greenwood Ave N, Kym’s is a new and used kid’s store with an impassioned ownership and long-standing personal relationship with their community.

The store was created 36 years ago by 18-year old Kym Chapman and spent the last 34 years on 15th Ave NE in North Seattle. Melissa Welch, who knew Kym since she was 2 years old, started helping out at her store when she was 11 by dressing up like the Easter Bunny for the annual holiday. Melissa ended up working there for 10 years before leaving for other adventures.

But Kym’s always called to Melissa. “I love the store. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true – there’s never a day I don’t love what I do.” When the opportunity came up in 2014 to purchase the store from Kym, Melissa didn’t hesitate. “Kym’s original customers and their kids were all grown up, so she was ready to move on to new adventures.”

Owner Melissa Welch and Mira Penn at the former location

Melissa says that the number one comment they get from customers is: “I wish I had found you sooner.” In this new location they will still have a huge selection of new and used kid’s clothing, shoes, furniture, baby gear, safety products, toys, and more. They do not do consignment, but do we buy, sell, and trade for cash the same day on the spot. It is suggested you call or text them before you come in with goods to sell.

Melissa and co-worker Mira Penn wanted to underscore that Kym’s is not just used goods, but more like “half used, half new.” Along with Snapdoodle Toys, it will be one of the few places in the neighborhood that you can drop by and find new toys and clothes for gift-giving. They plan on being open from 11am – 6pm Monday-Saturday, with hours possibly expanding in the Summer.

In addition to the Grand Opening tomorrow, Kym’s will have the Easter Bunny out this Saturday as well as a pop-up from Zylberschtein’s Delicatessen & Bakery. Saddle up the kids and come on by!