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PhinneyWould? – Responses – What Are You Looking Forward to Doing Again?

Last week we asked you…

What activities and trips are you looking forward to doing that you haven’t been able to do these last several months?

It’s interesting to see what we’ve all gotten more accustomed to and to not see some things mentioned that used to be routine. Most people miss some form of travel, especially when it comes to seeing our relatives. Here were some of our favorites:

“Going to water aerobics at the Ballard Pool. Going on senior trips with Seattle Parks and Recreation. Driving clients to medical appointments for Sound Generations. Traveling out of town to anywhere.” – Michelle B.

“Hugging family without the fear of making them sick. Going out to eat and being able to enjoy the food fresh versus carrying it out. Travelling to see friends and family, to expand our horizons, seeing nature not readily available in our area, and picking up some of our favorite treats that aren’t available in the US.” – Anna S.

“We miss dinners with my parents and our kids actually getting to interact with other kids.” – Chris M.

Love the responses! Keep them coming and be on the lookout for a new question next week!

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