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Community pride shirts to raise funds for PhinneyWood businesses now on sale for a limited time!

The PNA, in collaboration with Sandy Nelson Design and the nonprofit Sanctuary Art Center, has created a t-shirt that will be a neighborhood source of pride and resilience for years to come: PhinneyWoodStrong.

In addition to bringing our community and businesses together, this is also a fundraiser for all businesses and organizations in the area. The shirts cost $25 each (or more, if you wish to donate extra), with $5 going to Sanctuary to cover their costs, $5 going to the PNA, and the rest going to a single business or organization in our community that you would like to support.

This project is much like the Greenwood Elementary PTA post-gas explosion shirt fundraiser in 2016, and similar to an initiative going on in Tacoma right now. We believe with the right rallying cry, context, and call to action that this can become a successful and sought-after shirt that symbolizes the struggle for our community to fight for the small businesses and organizations that help make us who we are.

Once you order your shirts, they will be printed and brought to the Phinney Center Blue Building (6532 Phinney Ave. N) and you will be contacted for the date of a socially-distant pick-up (10 am-4 pm).

Order your shirts today!

T-shirts are also available for immediate purchase at Greenwood Hardware, with $5 going to Sanctuary, and the rest going to PNA.