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Summer reading program helps fill the gaps for Washington kids

Page Ahead is a nonprofit that focuses on closing the literacy achievement gap for kids in majority low-income communities across Washington by building home libraries and providing reading resources. They are a major partner of Seattle Public Schools, and as the school year ended last month, they gave thousands of K–2 kids in Seattle (and across the state) 12 free books each for summer reading through their Book Up Summer program. With the COVID-19 school closures exacerbating existing inequities for our students, having reading material at home is more crucial than ever.

While Greenwood Elementary does not qualify for this program, Broadview-Thomson does. In Broadview-Thomson’s first year, Page Ahead gave 1,066 books to 89 kindergartners. In total, they gave 34,000 books to students in Seattle, and more than 145,000 books across Washington in 2020.

To learn more about donation and volunteering opportunities, please check out Page Ahead’s website here.