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PNA asks for community help as crisis hits the organization hard

Tomorrow would have been the PNA’s Annual Fundraising Auction and “Don’t Stop Believin’” themed 40th birthday bash. The loss of income from not only this event, but PNA’s major revenue sources has hit the organization hard.  The Board of Directors is asking the community to help sustain the PNA: 

Dear PNA Supporters, Friends, and Neighbors, 

The PNA needs your help. We, the neighbors who volunteer our time and skills as the PNA’s Board of Directors, are asking you for that help. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and shut-down of the economy, the PNA finds itself in the same dire financial position as millions of other small businesses and nonprofits around the country.  

To make the situation crystal clear, here are a few facts about PNA that you may not be aware of: PNA employs 89 full and part-time employees to carry out our work for our community, including operating the Greenwood Senior Center and the PNA Village services, running the Hot Meal Program, teaching kids in our multiple childcare programs, running our Tool Library, planning and executing our many community events, and maintaining our three facilities (the Blue Building, the Brick Building, and the Greenwood Senior Center) for use by families, seniors, and community groups. 

In normal times (remember those?), it costs the PNA an average of $230,000 a month to provide these services. Our staff is a primary resource in carrying out the work we do. 

Here’s the important part. Because of the PNA’s closure, we have lost 80 percent of our income. Up to this point, we have been largely self-supporting. The PNA earns most of our revenue from renting our facilities, tuition from our childcare programs, and fundraising events such as the Auction, Beer Tastes, and Winter Festival. Suddenly all of that is gone. 

In response to this lost income and with the goal of keeping our doors open for years to come, the PNA Board made the heart-wrenching but necessary decision to lay off 25 percent of our staff and reduce the hours of remaining staff to 50 percent. Despite this, we will continue to innovate and adapt to our new circumstances. As best we can, we will keep serving the community.  

While we are actively pursuing all possible government and grant-funded financial assistance, we can’t pin our hopes on that route, especially in this climate where every organization needs help. 

What we can rely upon is you – our members, friends, and neighbors who have supported the PNA through good times and bad for the last 40 years. In these isolating times, community is more important than ever before. 

Can you help? 

Tomorrow, we would have all gathered together at the PNA for our Don’t Stop Believin Auction and to celebrate PNA’s 40th Birthday. How much money would you have spent at the auction to support PNA? Donate that amount now!  

Any financial support you can give to PNA, now, today, will be forever appreciated and will have a greater impact than ever before. We must rely upon each other to get through this, and with your help, we know we will. 

With gratitude,  

The PNA Board of Directors 

You can donate to the PNA here

You can learn more about the campaign here