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Starbucks Phinney Ridge closing July 9

The Phinney Ridge Starbucks is closing, and their last day in operation will be July 9 according to manager Mattie Hogan. There is not currently any indication that Starbucks Corporate is looking at new locations in the Phinney or Greenwood neighborhoods.

Mattie says that there will be a big going away party for the store around late June or early July. Dates and details are still being finalized, but we’ll post here when we know the details and you can follow the store’s Instagram, phinneybux, for updates.

All employees at the Phinney Ridge location are guaranteed jobs with other Starbucks stores if they want them, says Mattie. She says she has been able to place everyone at their top choice store so far, so folks are not losing their sources of income as a result of the closure.

To find out where employees are going, look out for a Partner of The Week feature inside the store starting in late April. The feature will highlight one employee each week and say where they’re going, and includes a way to write messages to employees. Look out for these features and other fun activities in the store, and on the phinneybux Instagram.