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Greenwood Walgreens closing Dec. 1

The Greenwood Walgreens at 87th and Greenwood will close on Nov. 30 Dec. 1. All prescriptions will be transferred to the Walgreens on NW 85th Street and 15th Avenue NW in Crown Hill.
An employee told me this afternoon that employees were notified about a week ago and signs put up at the store a couple of days ago. He said employees were told that rising property values affected the store’s profitability, and they would be transferred to other stores.
Thanks to Alan for the tip!
We’ve got a message in to Walgreens corporate headquarters and will update if we receive more information.
Update: Here’s Walgreens headquarters’ emailed response:

I can confirm that we plan to close our store on Greenwood Avenue. We have operated this store for 19 years and the decision to close was not easy. When the store closes, prescription records will automatically be transferred to our store located at 8500 15th Avenue in Seattle (corner of 15th Avenue and 85th Street). Pharmacy patients will receive a letter with more details about their prescriptions. We expect to place all of the store’s employees in jobs in other area stores. The store’s last day of business will be Thursday, December 1.