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Hundreds of cars, thousands of people at today’s Greenwood Car Show

Thousands of people are strolling down Greenwood Avenue today for the annual Greenwood Car Show, with up to 800 classic and cool cars lining the street.


Mike V sent us a bunch of great photos, including from early this morning as cars started lining up for their spot at 4 a.m.

Start-line-of-cars-resized Blue-gray-resized Orange-truck-resized Motorcycle-tank-resized Stuffy-driving-car-resized

There are also lots of vendors for food and car merchandise, a play zone for the kids, and the Greenwood Community Council has a table set up at 81st and Greenwood with information on how to get more involved with the neighborhood. Also, designers for a new park that will take over that block are asking for public input on what you’d like to see at the park.

The Greenwood Car Show ends at 4 p.m. today, but it will take about three hours for all the cars to drive out and for Greenwood Avenue to reopen.