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Suspicious man seen lurking near garages

Laura tells us that a suspicious looking man with a grey ponytail has been seen checking out people’s garages in the neighborhood on several occasions.

The first was near 65th and 2nd last Wed or Thurs. Wednesday evening a car parked on the street has a fastened car cover removed from it.
The second time he was noticed was near 4th and 60th last Friday evening. The witness saw the man notice a garage opening and stop to look inside the garage. When the man saw the witness looking at him, the man pretended to pay attention to a nearby cat.
The third time I personally watched the man walking past our home, slowing and looking up at the garage, and doing the same thing as he passed the neighbors’ garages as well. When I saw him he was wearing an olive green jacket and he had a brown (leather?) cross body bag. He was wearing a hat and had a grey mid length ponytail.
We reported this to the non-emergency line, and they told us the best thing to do would be report him by calling 911 the next time he’s seen so they can stop and question him.

Has anyone else seen him?
Greg tells us he also saw this man:

It was yesterday morning, early (~5:30). He walked out of the alley beside the Umpqua Bank and when he saw me with my dog, he turned around and walked back down the dark alley. The description matches exactly.