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Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe for sale

Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe, famous for its breakfasts, cinnamon rolls, and Wisconsin cow-themed interiors for the last 25 years, is for sale. Owner Jeanne Mae Barwick tells us she has put the restaurant at 6412 Phinney Ave. N. up for sale.

Barwick says she listed the business for sale just this week. She hopes to have a sale done by April, when she will celebrate her 66th birthday. From her email:

Retirement? Never even considered it until recently. Actually, I’ll look for a job, but one that does not include managing employees and dealing with rising food costs and equipment failures and…dumpsters and grease traps and, well, you get the idea. I’m hoping to have a “Open House and Garage Sale” at Mae’s sometime during March. This would be my official farewell to the neighborhood. If I find a buyer that wants a fast turn around, I might not be able to do the special party and what if they want to keep my salt and pepper shakers and other miscellaneous moo-morabilia? It could happen!

Barwick is also famous around the neighborhood for calling the monthly Bingo Karaoke at the Greenwood Senior Center. (Seriously, if you haven’t gone, you MUST – it’s an absolute hoot!)