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Greenwood Fred Meyer closing on Feb. 25, remodel construction begins March 1

The Greenwood Fred Meyer will close at 11 p.m. on Feb. 25 for extensive renovation and expansion. Work on the site begins March 1. The company hopes to reopen the store sometime in the late fall. Melinda Merrill, Director of Public Affairs, tells us that all Greenwood employees will work at other nearby Fred Meyers during construction.

Customers of the Fred Meyer pharmacy won’t have to drive far to get their prescriptions filled. Fred Meyer is opening a temporary pharmacy just across the street to the east, in an empty retail space in Piper Village on First Avenue, near the Mud Bay pet store. The temporary pharmacy opens on Feb. 27.
The Greenwood Market will be demolished to make way for the expansion. The Market’s tentative last day is Feb. 4, and the lease is up Feb. 29.

Fred Meyer is adding approximately 55,000 square feet to its Greenwood store, and will add groceries.