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School of Rock unable to move into Crown Hill building, looking again for space in Greenwood-Phinney

The School of Rock had been looking to move from Lake City to Greenwood or Phinney Ridge earlier this year, when it finally leased a building on NW 85th Street in Crown Hill. But, after four months of working with the Department of Planning and Development, it turns out that the building isn’t zoned for a school or institution, so School of Rock is now looking again for a new space, in either Ballard or Greenwood-Phinney.

From General Manager Kristoffer Kierulff’s email to our sister site My Ballard:

We signed the lease for the space on 85th and 11th around April. For the past 4 months we have been working the DPD to obtain the appropriate permits to do our construction on the space. It’s been a tedious process to say the least, but ultimately we have discovered that the zoning of the building (Residential/Commercial) does not allow for a “School/Institution” to be in that particular building without a much longer review and permitting process. A process which we have found to be too costly and risky. We are committed to finding a new home in the Greenwood/Phinney/Ballard neighborhoods, and will continue to search for an ideal locale. If any of your readers know of any good homes for us, we’re all ears!