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Traffic signal improvements coming to Phinney-Greenwood

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is improving several traffic signals in the neighborhood this year.
At the intersection of Greenwood Avenue North and North 80th Street, SDOT will install left turn signals onto Greenwood Avenue from both the eastbound and westbound lanes.

The intersection of Aurora Avenue North and Winona Avenue North, near the Green Lake PCC, will get a northbound left turn signal installed.

And the intersection of Greenwood Avenue North and North 73rd Street, by Ken’s Market and Fire Station 21, will be upgraded to a full traffic signal in all directions. (There is currently a stop sign only for eastbound and westbound, meaning those cars usually must wait for someone to hit the crosswalk light for the north and south lanes to stop.) That signal will have a preemptor installed for when fire trucks pull out for an emergency call.