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Caffe Vita opens on Phinney Ridge

Caffe Vita opened at 7402 Greenwood Ave. N. on Friday.

At 4 p.m. Monday, a steady stream of customers came and went. The coffee shop also sells doughnuts, croissants, pizza, granola, cookies, Theo chocolate bars, juices, Dry Soda, loose leaf tea, travel mugs, and French press coffee makers.

It also serves coffee made with the Japanese cold brew system called “Oji.” Water very slowly drips from the top containers onto the grounds in the center, at about 43 drips per minute. It takes six to eight hours to brew one full batch. It is then served over ice. The resulting coffee is supposed to be less acidic and more dessertlike. Ross, seen in the photo below, described it as “almost like whiskey.”

Caffe Vita is also planning to open a cafe next door, but it is still under construction.