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School of Rock looking to move into Greenwood

The Seattle branch of the nationwide School of Rock is looking to move from Lake City to Greenwood.
School of Rock provides music education for kids from ages 7 to 18, with the goal being to perform in front of a live audience.
General Manager Kristoffer Kierulff told us the school has been looking around the neighborhood for a while, but hasn’t found the right space yet. They need about 2,000 – 3,000 square feet, preferably a stand-alone building, or at the end of a larger building.

We are a music school, so we make some noise, but we also intend on doing some sound attenuation. The more I’ve explored the neighborhood, the more in love with it I’m becoming, so I’m really eager to get over there.

The music school hopes to move this year. They’ve already looked at the former site of Greenwood Academy of Hair at 85th and Greenwood, but said it’s too big.
So, PhinneyWood readers, let’s hear your ideas of appropriate spaces for School of Rock.