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‘Big Hands Guy’ spotted in Phinney

Our newest sister site, MyWallingford, reports that Wallingford’s Chamber of Commerce alerted residents last week to an alleged con artist nicknamed “Big Hands Guy,” so named for his hugely swollen hands. The man allegedly showed up in various businesses, took an item off the shelf, then tried to “return” it for cash.
Now, it appears the man may be at work in Phinney Ridge. Lisa Black, co-owner of Deluxe Hair at 6512 Phinney Ave., tells us she encounted the man yesterday.

Yesterday when I was working alone this guy came in and said he had a product to return, but was waiting for his wife. While I was with a client he was digging around on the product shelves. He went outside and came back with a bottle trying to return it. It is more of a specialty item and I knew what was on the shelf before he came in and that had just been taken. I refused to give him a “refund” and he tossed it back at me and left. He was anxious and hostile the whole time he was in there. He told me about his medical condition, like it says in the Wallingford blog, and was very distinctive because of his putrid body odor!

Black says she called the police. Has anyone else encountered Big Hands Guy?