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Station 21 to move into temporary digs around April

The vacant lot on the corner of Greenwood Ave. N.  and N. 68th St. has passed environmental review and gets the green light to be the site of the temporary Fire Station 21, while the old station on Greenwood and N. 73rd St. gets demolished and rebuilt.

During construction, the Defenders of Greenwood and their equipment will be housed in industrial tents and trailers. I contacted the city today to get an updated timeline, and here’s what they told me.

Currently, parts of the future Fire Station 21 temporary station are being used to house crews while construction takes place at other fire station projects in the city. When the tents and trailers become available, they will be moved to the temporary Fire Station 21 site.
At this point, we anticipate construction will begin around April 2010. As progress is made on other stations, we will be able to pinpoint a more specific date.

Here’s the scale model of the new Fire Station 21, which will be two stories tall.