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Shoring up after the fire

McBride Construction employees are running bolts into the facade of the Eleanor Roosevelt Building and bolting on boards to stabilize the brick wall today.

There’s also a makeshift memorial on the fence, with flowers, a sign reading, “Thank you for giving me a home,” and a couple books, one wrapped in a University of Washington book cover and the other, “The Ultimate Mousse Cookbook.”

If anyone has insights into what this is about, post it in comments. Remember too, that there is a fund set up for the displaced businesses at the nearby Chase Bank on the corner of 85th and Greenwood.

The 3-alarm fire destroyed four locally owned businesses: Pho Tic Tac, the Green Bean Coffeehouse, Szechuan Bistro and C.C. Teriyaki.

Susan Helf sent us some pictures of the scene yesterday, including this shot:

And here’s one from Susan looking through the front window of the Green Bean Coffee House to the open sky beyond.

And here’s some more shots of the back of the building. Thanks, Susan, for sharing these.