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Greenwood Reaper rises again

Fast becoming a neighborhood Halloween fixture, the 18-foot tall Greenwood Reaper is being installed on his perch at the corner of 3rd Avenue NW and NW 76th Street today.

Here’s his creator, Jason Lescott, draping landscape fabric over the rebar torso and fiberglass skull, which he planned to mount later today if the weather holds.

Lescott created a 13-foot-tall Reaper several years ago for about $100, then decided he could go one better with his current model, which he figures costs about $300 in materials and weighs about 100 pounds. 

The welded rebar upper body is mounted on a frame mounted in 600 pounds of concrete. “The original Reaper, I could put up myself. This one takes people and rigging and rope,” Lescott said. Here’s where he’ll be mounted on the corner:

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