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Are you missing a golden pheasant?

Celeste sent us these pictures this morning of a golden pheasant that showed up outside her office window at the Woodland Park Zoo.

This morning when I opened my office blinds I was shocked to discover a very large, golden bird perching in the tree outside my window. I naturally assumed it was one of our birds that managed to escape the aviary. Our animal management staff came to investigate and determined that this bird, a golden pheasant, is not ours and came to be here either by escape or abandonment.
The bird is banded on its right foot with a red band.

Update from Celeste: We put food and water down for the bird and after an hour or so he came down and ate. We let him rest and then caught him with a net and put him in a kennel and transferred him to our animal hospital where he’ll be examined and put into quarantine until we’re able to find a good home for him. He’s underweight and molting.