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Police shoot bank robbery suspect in Greenwood

Updated 9:25 p.m. Seattle Police say they’ve shot a man suspected in a series of bank robberies at Greenwood Ave. N and Holman Road shortly after 5:30 p.m. Police say the man driving a stolen pickup truck rammed an officer’s vehicle and another car carrying a man and two children.

The suspect was first spotted at Holman and 3rd Ave., police say. When he stopped in traffic at Greenwood and Holman, officers boxed him in. That’s when he rammed a car to escape, investigators say. Officers say they fired at least four shots, striking the suspect in the arm.

The man and two children sustained minor injuries, and they were transported to Harborview. The officer, his car shown above, is OK.

Police say the man was wanted in a bank robbery in Shoreline this afternoon, as well as several others. But they did not say if he was suspected in two recent robberies at the Greenwood Bank of America.

Greenwood Ave. just north of Holman Road remains closed Wednesday night, and officers say the investigation and cleanup will likely continue until 10 to 11 p.m. Crime Scene Investigators are taking photos, including a high-angle shot from a fire engine. Holman Road (below) is open.

One of the first reports of the shooting came from SPD’s Twitter feed:

Officer involved shooting in the area of Holman and Greenwood Avenue NW. PIO enroute.

(Thanks Heidi for the photos!) Stay tuned for more updates…