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Moulin Rouge auction a full-scale party

We’re a bit late in getting something posted about last night’s annual PNA auction – it took us a while to recover from an evening of freely flowing wine and the resulting free spending.

Doree and I have been to several Phinney Neighborhood Association auctions over the years (we’re also members), but we have to say, the organizers outdid themselves on the Parisian theme. Here’s Chardell:

Bidding was spirited – more so as the evening wore on…

The back and forth bidding on a couple items really got the crowd energized, including one for labor and construction of the custom guitar of the winner’s choice, which ended up going for $3,000! Here’s the donor, Stephen Godbe acknowledging some pretty thunderous applause.

We’ll add the monetary and other details later, including more about the bidding to have a custom song written by Chris Ballew, lead singer and songwriter for Presidents of the United States of America. On a related note, we’ll have info about him playing on the ridge this fall.

In the meantime, merci beaucoup, PNA!



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