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See new Fire Station 21 plans Nov. 15

Fire Station 21 at Greenwood Avenue North and NW 73rd St. is getting a major make-over (okay, it’s actually a complete do-over). The current station will be demolished next year and a new, two-story station will rise on the same spot.
The community is invited to an open house to view the architectural drawings, ask questions, meet the Defenders of Greenwood and tour their big red fire truck from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15.
During construction, firefighters and all their equipment will move five blocks south to the empty lot across from the Fini condos on the corner of Greenwood and 68th. They’ll be housed in temporary buildings and industrial tent-like structures during construction.
Here’s what the station looks like now:

And here’s a model of the new station:
The architects say the steps along the side of the station in the model aren’t really steps but grade lines; a regular sidewalk will be there. Anyone with questions or special needs for the open house can contact Christina Faine at 206-386-1366 or email her.