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Fear the Greenwood Reaper

Update: The story on the Greenwood Reaper just reran on KING 5 on Oct. 9. Click here to see the video.
Halloween is a full month away, but for people who regularly drive or walk along 3rd Ave. NW, it’s already here – thanks to the Greenwood Reaper at the corner of NW 76th St.

For the uninitiated, the Reaper is a delightfully disturbing part of Halloween in the neighborhood. Jason Lescott created his own 13-foot-tall Reaper several years ago after he saw a cheesy one in a catalog and figured he could build a bigger, scarier one. He was even featured on KING 5’s Evening Magazine last year.

Well, this year he’s decided to build an even bigger one – 18 feet tall. He’s spent months working on it, even pouring a 600-pound concrete foundation for the creature. You can follow all the construction details with photos on his blog.