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Is the Supernova spinning fast again?

The Supernova at Greenwood Park has been fixed. It’s that angled doughnut that’s a magnet for kids (and, OK, I’ll admit it, a few adults). Earlier this year the Seattle Parks department removed it after concerns it wasn’t safe. Turns out it met safety standards and was reinstalled, incorrectly as it turned out. Loretta and other neighbors wrote to the parks department and got this result:

Resulting from your e-mail staff went out to inspect the Supernova. They found that the rotating ring is misshapen resulting in the ring not rotating as quickly as it is supposed to. The concrete crew and playground crew will reset the legs so it is “in plane” today, September 15. They plan to use a fast setting concrete and will stay on site until it is well set as this may have been the cause of the current problem.

Tim Gallagher
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Anyone tried it out? Is it spinning fast again?