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Carjacking in Phinney Ridge

An email alert from several Phinney neighbors reports that a young man driving a red Geo Prizm was driving around the traffic circle at NW  67th St. and 1st Ave. NW last Wednesday afternoon when two men walked in front of his car as if crossing the street, causing the car to stop. The men then quickly went to each side of the car and opened both the driver and passenger side doors. They cut the driver’s shirt and arm, forced him from his car, took his wallet and cell phone, then sped away down 1st Ave. NW.
Some neighbors drove up at that moment and helped the driver and called police.
This is the first carjacking we’ve heard of in the neighborhood, but other car crime seems to be rampant.
Andrea reports that a neighbor at NW 73rd St. and 1st Ave. NW had her car broken into two nights in a row, and we’ve heard numerous reports about other car prowls (our car was broken into recently also).
Let us know if you’ve been a victim or know of someone who has. Maybe neighbors will see a pattern in the type/locations of the crimes.