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‘Art Up Greenwood-Phinney’ aims to tackle graffiti

Check out this mural on 85th just west of 3rd Avenue Northwest:

It’s an example painted by artist John Osgood to kick-off The Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce’s program called “Art Up Greenwood-Phinney” to combat the rise in tagging and vandalism in the neighborhood.

The program kicks off with a ribbon cutting for the mural followed by the unveiling of an urban art exhibit called “Spray It, Don’t Say It” at Bherd Studios, 315 NW 85th St. The event runs from 3-9 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 9.

Art Up focuses on removing tagging and vandalism while also working towards creating positive outlets for young urban artists. The chamber and artists including Bherd owners Osgood and Michele Persinger, will be working with local junior high and high schools to target high-risk offenders and help them focus their energies in a positive way – by creating art for the neighborhood.

The mural is meant to provide an interesting example of the program’s plans for the community.

Persinger says she and Osgood not only have their studio in Greenwood, but they are also residents of the neighborhood. “We enjoy being a part of this community and are excited to be a part of the Art Up program,” she says.

(Thanks for the photos, Michele!)

More details from a chamber press release:

“The exhibit will feature artwork from internationally known Jef Aerosol, whose work in Europe with street stencil art inspired urban artists world-wide. His work can be seen on walls in numerous cities including Paris, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Venice and more. Jef is a true legend in the street art world. Along with Jef, national and Pacific NW artists will be featuring their works both in the style of stenciled and free-hand street art. Artists include LittleGirlLost, CASH, DreXeL, SouLe, MassRad, Asher, JoaB and Greg Boudreau.
The exhibition will continue through September 5.”