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Greenwood at wits end over graffiti

We’ve written several times about the steady rise of graffiti in Greenwood, and now the Seattle PI has written a story about the problem.

The hardest hit area is Greenwood Park. Despite the persistent efforts of neighbors and city workers, it’s absolutely blanketed in graffiti.

Just about every surface is covered, including the slides.

And take a look at the bathroom. “In Greenwood, they just keep doing it,” says Dewey Potter, city parks spokeswoman. And graffiti is up 44 percent in parks across the city. “We don’t exactly know what’s going on,” Potter said. As we wrote last week, the Greenwood and Phinney neighborhoods have teamed up with a graffiti task force called “Art Up Greenwood-Phinney.” You can read their blog here, where you can volunteer to join a clean-up crew.