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All The Best Pet Care opening its 10th store in Greenwood/Crown Hill

November 12th, 2012 · Comments

All The Best Pet Care is opening its newest location at 10005 Holman Road NW, in the QFC Plaza in Greenwood/Crown Hill.

The store sells natural dog and cat foods, treats, toys and accessories, such as driftwood scratching posts and natural cat litters. They even have a “toy testing station.”

The store will celebrate its grand opening this Friday through Sunday with free samples and 10 percent off everything in the store.

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  1. Jon says:

    I welcome any real competition to Mud Bay, but it’s just a shame that All the Best has such high prices on everything.

    I’ve started to order my canned pet food from wag.com, which appears to use the same warehouses as most of the companies in town, and provides comparable or lower prices on certain items.

  2. Grunenwald says:

    Attention MudBay,

    The only reason I’ll be going to check out All The Best is because you no longer have ANY bulk biscuits without wheat/rye as the first ingredient.

  3. iluvphinneywood says:

    I like Health Mutt on 65th and 12th Ave NE over near the Whole foods. It’s a great little store.

    I will check out the new All the Best. Thanks for the info.

  4. Number Six says:

    I have shopped at Mud Bay consistently since they moved over to that new building behind Bartell’s, but they recently stopped carrying the only two kinds of raw food my picky-a** cat will eat, so off to the competition, sadly….I’ll still buy bird seed there though…

  5. Jon says:

    @Grunenwald: bulk biscuits are basically the worst thing you could ever feed a dog anyway. If you’re looking for treats without shit ingredients, you should try buying jerky or some kind of high-protein treat. Carbohydrates are not particularly great for dogs, and cause plaque build-up.

    @Number Six: If you’re talking about the Raw Advantage foods, they didn’t sell at all (thousands upon thousands of dollars of that product was thrown away every few months), and their information in regards to feline health was questionable, at best. Their nutritional “experts” think that cats are pack animals that don’t need lots of organ meat, and that grains are part of a cat’s natural diet. So in that regard, I’m glad to be rid of them.

    I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time finding another raw food that your cat will eat, though. You haven’t had any luck with the Rad Cat foods? I haven’t seen it sold anywhere in the US yet, but I’m interested in trying K-9 Natural’s cat food, which will be called “Feline Natural” (freeze-dried raw which you reconstitute with hot water).

  6. nosey says:

    @Jon – Well aren’t you an alienating know-it all??

  7. NanaBabs says:

    I’ve shopped at Crown Hill Pet Supply at 9053 Holman Rd. NW for years and will continue to support the small, local shop. They go out of their way to provide superb products and customer service and if they don’t have what I’m looking for, they can usually find it and order it.