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Police arrest man who posed as cop in sexual assault at 93rd & Aurora last week

June 23rd, 2012 · Comments

Seattle Police have arrested the man who posed as a cop to sexually assault a woman near Aurora Avenue North and North 93rd Street last week.

From the SPD Blotter:

A dangerous individual is off the street and safely behind bars, thanks to SPD Sexual Assault detectives.

A 31 year old man was arrested earlier this evening for using the guise of a police officer and then sexually assaulting a woman in North Seattle on June 15th. SAU detectives were able to determine the identity of the suspect through good detective work and forensic science. US Marshals picked him up blocks away from the original crime, in the 9800 block of Aurora Avenue North. He is being questioned right now and will be booked into King County Jail on multiple counts – including rape and assault – when the interviews are concluded. Detectives have yet to locate the suspect’s fake badge.

SAU Acting Lieutenant Rose McMahon says, “This is outstanding work by the case detectives. Still, we wouldn’t have been able to solve it without assistance from the community who called in tips, the scientists at the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab and the US Marshals who helped us track him down.”

SAU detectives don’t believe that this suspect is responsible for any other crimes but they are not ruling out the possibility. Information from this case will be shared with SPD Vice/High Risk Victims Unit and SPD Narcotics detectives. This case should serve as a warning to sexual predators in Seattle – commit a crime of violence and SPD SAU will expend every effort to hold you accountable.

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  1. Jon says:

    What a piece of trash. I hope that nothing but the worst things in life await him. Sadly, no amount of punishment will fix the emotional problems that woman will face for the rest of her life.

    I hope this serves as a reminder for the neighborhood to be more vigilant, and for individuals to take their safety more seriously, especially when out at night. At least take a self-defense course, or train with and carry some sort of weapon (non-lethal or lethal).

    I want the next story of an attack to read: “Attempted Rapist Shot to Death by Victim”.

    Stay safe.

  2. dfh says:

    Thank you SPD (SAU), what a great job!

  3. Grant says:

    Great work, SPD. Now, how about a name and immigration status, please.

  4. Nelson says:

    This same guy rang our doorbell a couple of weeks ago (Wed., May 30, 2 p.m) and gave me a shady story about doing auto body work — wondering if the dented car in front of our house was ours. (70th near Greenwood Ave.) I was suspicious and was chagrined that I had opened the door to someone I don’t know. (It happened to be the same day as the shootings at Cafe Racer.) Anyway, he may have knocked on others’ doors…not sure what his motive was, just glad I didn’t come into harm’s way and I’m glad he’s caught.

  5. I used to heart greenwood says:

    Well done, SPD! Thank you.

  6. Allison says:

    Very likely the same one who house prowled me a few days ago outside my bedroom window. My next-door neighbor had seen someone meeting the perp’s description on my front porch a few days prior. We didn’t get a good look at the bedroom window guy but he had unscrewed my front porch motion sensor lights (since upgraded) before walking around back.

    In any case, I’m all set up with bear spray and a .357 in case he decides to stop by again. I’d imagine they can do dna samples on whatever’s left if he returns, but I’m not taking any chances and am sleeping well.

  7. trevon says:

    Sure it was the same guy Allison?
    There’s actually many short, chubby hispanic men in N. Seattle.

    I am worried that someone like you is now carrying a gun.

    You have no proof whatsoever it was the same person and will likely harm an innocent by-stander or yourself.

    And you seem to be so gleeful about hurting another human being when you have NO PROOF he was coming to get you. More than likely he was looking for something to steal in your yard.

  8. i used to heart greenwood says:

    Good for you, Allison! I remember your other post about this guy. (And mine is a .380.) Totally disagree, Trevon. You don’t need proof to arm yourself. And let’s get real, no one deactivates your motion detector lights with good intentions. P.S. Stealing is also not okay. You have a right to defend your property and your life. I’m all for women arming themselves to defend themselves from would-be rapists. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away…

  9. trevon says:

    No, stealing is not okay. But neither is shooting someone because they’re sitting on your porch or stealing a lawn chair.

    When someone says “I’m not taking any chances”, yet they borrow a gun from a pal (as Allison mentioned on the Ballard blog), they are an accident waiting to happen. I hope Allison’s friend knows he/she can be implicated for lending a weapon to a friend who then uses it to kill an innocent victim.

  10. serious sam says:

    whoa – the phineywood discussion board just got all seattle times like here 😉