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Fred Meyer-Greenwood Market parking lot turning into trash dump

May 2nd, 2012 · Comments

Several PhinneyWood readers have sent us photos of mattresses and junk that is piling up in the parking lot of Fred Meyer and the former Greenwood Market. Both stores are closed to make way for Fred Meyer’s major remodel, but construction has been delayed because of an appeal of the environmental conditions placed on the project.

PhinneyWood readers have commented on another post that drug deals are happening in that lot late at night, and it appears transients are sleeping there.

Thanks to James and Garrett for the photos.

Update Thursday: And another PhinneyWood reader sent us a photo of a large amount of paint dumped into a tree well near Fred Meyer’s loading dock.

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  1. Tiktok says:

    Well, I doubt this would have have happened had this been an active construction/remodeling project. Thanks again to Kate Martin for throwing a monkey wrench in the process.

  2. greenhood says:

    This is Fred Meyer’s property and responsibility right? Can’t SPD enforce this?

  3. Whopper says:

    Three cheers for Kate Martin.

  4. dfh says:

    This is both disgusting and frightening, especially since I live only a block away.
    Hopefully the expansion and remodel will be approved – soon.

  5. Whopper says:

    Since Kate Martin is a so-called “neighborhood activist”, does anyone think she’ll organize a clean-up effort to straighten the place up while her appeal drags on and on?

    Yeah, I don’t think so either.

  6. D Davis says:

    Will Kate Martin ever get over the butt hurt of her favorite grocery store closing?

    She should be out there keeping the area clean while she delays the project.

  7. Peter says:

    I hate to be spiteful, but I have to agree with the masses here. Greenwood Market is NOT coming back! Delaying the project is only hurting this neighborhood.

  8. al says:

    I don’t believe that SPD is the enforcing agency. That would be DPD. At least that is who we call for the garbage accumulating in the vacant lot next door. They somehow notify the owners and it gets cleaned up a week or so later.

  9. Jose says:

    Perhaps we should post a sign politely asking the vagrants to dump their trash at Kate Martin’s skateboard house?

  10. Block Watcher says:

    People down on their luck.

  11. Greenwood says:

    Why does Martin get so involved in dictating what should happen more than TEN BLOCKS from her home? I walked through this lot last week to see what was happening and the place was just creepy.

  12. Greenwood says:

    In the past the people running this site have noted that they hired Kate Martin to landscape their yard. Wonder why that hasn’t been noted yet. Her email address is also posted in several spots on this site in regards to…. bogs…sidewalks…and her run for office.

  13. Greenwood Shopper says:

    In case you want to know who you’re dealing with:

  14. Whopper says:

    Greenwood Shopper – I watched that video for exactly 34 seconds. Then my ears exploded.

  15. Rob says:

    come on folks Kate Martin isn’t the only one that is and/or was pushing against this project. Why blame her? How about blaming the folks making the mess?

    Disclaimer: I don’t know Kate Martin personally.

  16. D. Black says:

    Well, I certainly hope the issue is dismissed/resolved or whatever it takes quickly so they can get on with construction.
    The entire strip along 85th from Greenwood to 1st has been a decrepit mess for so long SOMETHING has to be better.

  17. DJ says:

    Holy sh-t. Didnt know it was like that. These cracked out and methed out bums need to go. I’ve been sayin that, but this should make it clear as can be. Its time for some real cleanup in this neighborhood. How bout some people from the neighborhood get together and go there at night and evict them? I’d be willing to volunteer.

  18. berner says:

    Greenwood neighbors and SPD worked together a couple years ago to clean up the heavily vegetated, drug-dealing grounds around the ARCO at 85th and Aurora. The results were fantastic. Maybe we can partner again to clean up those abandoned buildings. Though I do agree, seems Fred Meyer should be out there taking some kind of responsibility. And, lets just get ON with the remodel, already!

  19. Concerned Neighbor says:

    About a week ago I was walking by and saw a guy in a orange van(B74699K) throwing some trash out over there. I’ve also seen the same van parked on 8th ave NW near 87th st on a regular basis. I think he’s a tweaker.

  20. Gdog says:

    Rob: actually, yes she is. She filed the appeal. It is soley on her that nothing has started yet. The old water building was torn down, and these buns moved here. So thanks Kate. You’re a superstar.

  21. Gdog says:

    Also, since freddies shuttered, their night lights on 87th have been left off. Even creepier and more desolate than ever.

  22. Joe says:

    Greenwood Shopper-
    Watched the video and can’t believe she still received over 44,000 votes last November. I will be donating time to her opposition in the next election she runs in (which will be soon for a woman who loves the sound of her own monotone, rambling, nearly-nonsensical voice).

  23. Phinneyman says:

    Rob: Kate Martin has actually put herself in the limelight by commenting publicly on this as well. See Phinneywood story, wherein she describes the logic behind her decision to appeal. It is entirely nonesense for your or anyone else to suddenly defend her on the grounds that she’s not at the helm of this appeal. Shame on you and shame on her. You’re entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. She’s managed to stall this project, but I’m not allowing her to claim truth as her next victim. Everyone, please take note. Ms. Martin has run for office and is a public figure whose actions and opinions seeks to shape the community. If you don’t stand up and speak out for your community, others will.

  24. Phinneyman says:

    @Rob: Here’s what Phinneywood reported regarding Ms. Martin’s views:

    “I asked for a more walkable streetscape on 85th and 3rd where the Fred Meyer plans show no changes to enhance the 4’ buffer between the moving cars at curbside and the sidewalk,” she told us today in an email. “I also asked for them to meter the water going into the storm sewer from this site so that we could see a before and after quantification of dewatering. The existing FM lower level floor is built at, near or below the groundwater level and dewaters vast amounts of groundwater which is disposed in the sewer before it can make its way to the peat bog and eventually Piper’s Creek. Several times in the SEPA report, it is claimed that no new water will leave the site, but water leaving the site is not measured, so the claim will always be unsubstantiated without meters.”

    Please, please, get informed before holding yourself out as knowledgeable.

  25. mandelbrot says:

    I park behind Freddie’s when I go to yoga class at Whole Life Yoga (hard to find a closer space in the early evening). It is getting creepy and dark down there on 87th. If that place stays unused by legitimate business much longer its going to really become a crime magnet. It just hasn’t quite hit the tipping point yet…I’d expect that to happen during the summer when the evenings are warmer and more people want to hang out in the parking lots.

  26. Phinneyman says:

    @Rob: Regarding blame, I think everyone wants to move on. Most of us don’t want to blame, we want Fred Meyer to be a good neighbor and start the renovation. They can’t, though. They’re burning daylight and losign money each day their contractors are not working. So why aren’t they working? Prey tell, why does the site look like a mess, attract drug deals and trash? Why is there a log jam? Is it the city or the permitting process? If I appear annoyed, it’s because I live here and I’m tired of going to Ballard or Crown Hill for groceries. Yea, I’m pissed. And yea, I’m started to wonder who’s to blame.

  27. Greenwood says:

    It’s really a pain in the ass if you don’t have a car and need something around the house. Used to be able to walk down there, pick up what I needed, and head back, all without having to take several buses or wait til I could get a car for the day. I really resent the audacity of one monotone control freak using really conniving tactics to derail work on a place where people I know work, and where everyone I know shops.

  28. MissManners says:

    Ms. Martin pulled this kind of devisive manuver when she was a parishioner and parent at St. John’s. She didn’t like the direction of the planning process for the school, she got a bunch of folks riled up and angry at each other. Then she left, and we had to clean up the mess and rebuild the community. Ms. martin should learn to compromise for the greater good.

  29. Plix says:

    I live a few blocks from the site, and just want to add to the chorus of boos regarding Kate Martin’s sociopathic need to screw up my neighborhood. Get a new hobby, Kate….you suck at this one.

  30. W.F. says:

    A construction fence was supposed to be put up but since construction never started…oh, well. Perhaps when the work finally begins, the fence will go up and that should deter some, if not all, of this.

  31. evan says:

    Maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the property owners. (Not Fred Meyer, or Kate Martin).

  32. evan says:

    Here is the city’s website for filing a complaint about the condition of the property online.


  33. evan says:

    Whopper – I suggest you use those fast little hands and fill one out!

  34. Ann says:

    I have to admit, I am tired of Kate Martin messing up our neighborhood with her agenda. I am so sad to see what is happening in the Fred Meyer parking lot. This is not right. How do we get her out of the process and get on with the amazing remodel that Fred Meyer is planning? I have tried the Fred Meyer in Ballard and really don’t care for the size of that store and just want our Greenwood Fred Meyer back!

  35. MisterManners says:

    You cowards should go pick up some trash in your neighborhood instead of hiding away safely at your keyboards.

    Or maybe try riding a skateboard. You could scare off the meth heads with all of the noise.

  36. PJ says:

    While I agree that Kate Martin’s actions are at least in part responsible for the delay on this project, maybe a more productive community effort will soon be in order. Perhaps an invitation to SPD Community Officers to walk through the space with neighbors. And we should all take the time to file a formal complaint. We can be ticked at KM, but we need to be proactive as well.

  37. PJ says:

    I just filed my complaint with the city. You’ll need the property address, which is 100 NW 85th St. The automated response requires that you confirm the complaint by clicking on a link in an email they send you, so be sure you do that in order to verify the complaint. C’mon neighbors, our voices won’t be heard by anyone who can do anything about this if we don’t speak anywhere else besides this forum!

  38. Whopper says:

    Done. Everyone, fill out that form.

  39. Gdog says:

    Not sure if it’s a direct result of anything, but there’s a cop car posted up in the lot between the FM and GWM buildings this morning.
    @misrermanners: hey pot, it’s kettle. You’re black!

  40. Gdog says:

    Also, fill out the Fred Meyer complaint form posted above. They should know that they’re impacting the lives of potential future customers.

  41. Zoolander says:

    @39–glad to hear SPD is at the lot. Hope they keep up a regular patrol.
    The other post says “drug deals”, it doesn’t specify “late at night.” I went to the toy store one weekend morning and there were guys hanging out in the FM lot around cars that came and went quickly–classic indicator of drug dealing–in the bright light of day.

  42. The Real Whopper says:

    FYI, the Whopper above isn’t the original Whopper. Far too earnest.

  43. Phinneyman says:

    @ evan: “Maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the property owners. (Not Fred Meyer, or Kate Martin).” Isn’t Fred Meyer the property owner? Why have I been reading that this a FM project? Did someone else buy the property? What am I missing?

  44. dfh says:

    I filled in the form given in the link above. In reading the information provided on the site, I’m wondering if that is the right place to enter this type of violation (they say what they cover). Anyway, to play it safe, I not only filled out that report, I also filled one out on http://www2.seattle.gov/util/forms/illegalDumping/illegalDumpForm.asp
    On both forms, I pasted a link to this article on PhinneyWood so they could see the photos and read our complaints (if they are interested).

    @ Phinneyman, I thought Fred Meyer is leasing
    the land, but could definitely be wrong on that.

  45. Not_Whopper says:

    Kate Martin = Activism is her Religion

  46. BC says:

    What hell is that blue sh_t on the ground?

  47. PJ says:

    Thanks for the illegal dumping complaint site, dfh. Let’s fill out BOTH types of forms! I’m so glad SPD was there. At least we are on the radar screen.
    And, I didn’t see a link to the Fred Meyer complaint form. Fred Meyer is owned by the Kroger Corp.

  48. Kyle says:

    Okay folks, Mr. Brian Stein from Kroger contacted me regarding my complaint today he said they have a roaming security guard that walks the lot every hour and is stationed at the pharmacy the rest of the time. He said if there are people sleeping in the lot they will contact the police to get them out of there. They have been trying to keep up with the illegal dumping but he said it is now almost an everyday occurence. If they see trash they call it in and thir trash collection guys come and get it.

    He said he would contact Phinneywood and try and get a post on the blog to relay the message. If people would like to reach him to add comments and suggestions to my complaint his office number is (425) 582-4046.

  49. Kyle says:

    Just to add to my comment, I think the people doing drug deals and dumping garbage in our neighbourhood are the ones who need to be targeted. I agree that Kate Martin obviously has obstructed a project that would have otherwise helped to keep these unpleasant things down but we all need to share the burden to keep the hood safe.

    If you see people sleeping in the Greenwood market or sleeping in vans around the lot, then lets call the police and get them moved. If you see a drug deal in broad daylight while your at the toy store with your kids call the cops! I think if we band together and make it as unpleasant as possible for these criminals they will move on out of our neighborhood.

  50. KellyT says:

    Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but someone had also dumped a bunch of paint about that same blue-ish color in the middle of Fremont Ave in Fremont. Saw it running down towards the storm drain this morning on my way in to work.

  51. evan says:

    @ phinneyman: Fred Meyer does not own the property. They have a negotiated long term lease and will pay to develop the buildings and renovate the lot – but the property owner (who I assume is responsible for the site in the interim and who rented to FM before & Greenwood Market) is someone else. I believe his name is Gary Brunt.

  52. evan says:

    nice work everyone filing the complaints.

  53. justanotherneighbor says:

    I also just filed a comment on the Fred Meyer website. I indicated the neighborhood’s support for the renovation and provided links to this post as well as the post discussing the appeal. I encourage everyone to do the same as one person should not dictate the direction of this neighborhood.

  54. Kyle says:

    It was cleaned up! Saw yesterday a lot of the trash has been removed. I think thanks is in order to Fred Meyer for jumping on that for us all.

  55. gdog says:

    From the store director:
    Thank you for your concern of the Greenwood property, we are in the process of getting it cleaned up and a fence put up around the property.

    Thanks you,

    John Gratton
    Store Director

  56. dfh says:

    Thank you Fred Meyer!!! I am really looking forward to the expansion of our store. Hopefully it will be able to proceed soon.

  57. Hate on Kate says:

    Maybe Kate Martin can pitch in on the cleanup since this mess is her fault.