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Have you seen any homeless encampments in the neighborhood?

June 1st, 2011 · Comments

The Union Gospel Mission runs a “Search and Rescue” team that goes out into the streets to provide food, clothing, blankets and hygiene supplies to homeless people throughout the city, in addition to offering them a ride to a shelter.
Timothy Tetrault, UGM’s Search and Rescue Coordinator, contacted us to see if we knew of any homeless encampments in our area.

We run Search and Rescue weeknights from roughly 7:30pm-11pm. Hot chocolate, sandwiches, blankets, and socks are the most popular items that we give out when we meet homeless people out on the street, and occasionally we bring back people when they are willing. If the temperature is below freezing we go out every night and try to hit as many neighborhoods as we can.

We don’t know of any homeless encampments in Phinney Ridge-Greenwood, but if any of our readers do, please leave a note in comments so we can forward that information to Union Gospel Mission.

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  1. Greenhood says:

    I’ve seen people sleeping in the back corner of the pocket park at 6th and 76th NW

  2. Seim says:

    We often see people sleeping at Licton Springs park, or at the Native American school nearby. They can be hard to spot after dark. They are pretty shy.

  3. stephanie says:

    I’ve seen a person sleeping at baker park 14th nw and nw 85th

  4. Dan says:

    There’s often a couple vans with homeless inside parked on 107th St next to Viewlands School.

  5. baselle says:

    The SE ‘scrub’ corner of 96th and Fremont is often a make-do campsite.

  6. Syd says:

    I see people regularly at Green Lake (the park). Sometimes in Woodland Park, but not as regularly. The picnic shelter by the fenced-in horseshoe pits, or the fenced-in horseshoe pit area, has some who hang out regularly (more common in the winter than in the summer).

    There are also vans/campmers parked along Phinney Ave, near the zoo. And a van/camper that is in Woodland Park, again near the fenced-in horseshoe area.

  7. Angela says:

    I’ve also seen a guy regularly camp out on the north doorstep of the church at 70th and Greenwood.

  8. Citizen 98107 says:

    There are people living in cars and vans near Palatine and 86th.