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‘Man vs. Food’ filming at Red Mill

December 13th, 2008 · Comments

The Travel Channel show, “Man vs. Food,” is shooting a segment at Red Mill Burgers, 312 N. 67th St. and will be doing a stop at Beth’s Cafe as well. We’re heading up to take pictures.  Here’s host Adam Richman, who seemed to especially enjoy the onion rings.

The segment will air sometime in January or February, according to the crew. Their next local stop on their West Coast swing is Beth’s Cafe at about 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

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  1. michelle says:

    that is cool! can’t wait to see this segment on our red mill burgers. i do love those onion rings.

  2. shopdog50 says:

    The onion rings used to be even better—when Red Mill opened, they cut and battered their own rings. They were so popular, Red Mill couldn’t keep up with the production needs, so they started buying their rings, pre-cut-and-battered. They’re still great though, with that tangy tartar sauce. What a great thing that Red Mill is such a successful endeavor, that Starbucks is THEIR tenant!

  3. mike says:

    The burgers look pretty weak. Processed patties? Really? Must have been why you focused on the onion rings:(

  4. vinman says:

    I’m worried that Adam is going to vapor lock with all these calories he’s pounding down his throat. He needs to start up on the cardio and start moveing some heavy black iron. What do you think Adam? You can’t be getting a stretch on every dam night! Get your food baby on!

  5. Jessica says:

    The meat is always fresh, never frozen! The onion rings are also made fresh every day! We get to work at seven in the morning to start prep work and we don’t open til eleven.

  6. ignatzh says:

    Yeah! I want even more celebrations of masochism and gluttony! I’d like to see one where Adam Whathisfatass takes the “spray a whole can of mace down your throat” challenge, followed by the “eat cheeseburgers until you rupture your intestines” ram-down.

    The Travel Channel is in some sort of weird fetishistic rut with these pig-out shows. Another great example of the American tendency to ignore quality for sheer quantity – an indication of our pathetically adolescent, self centered society and our cohort lack of taste…Doesn’t do much for our justifiably bad reputation overseas in so many ways, and particularly for our gluttony for all the worlds resources. Pathetic…

  7. nick says:

    can he eat anything on this show

  8. Eunice says:

    hey I just went there with my family! We expected a little too much though because my family and I knew that Man vs. Food was shot there. The burgers were good but I don’t think it was anything really out of the ordinary