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Red Mill Burgers

September 19th, 2008 · Comments

Red Mill Burgers (Hamburgers)
312 N 67th St. (map)
(206) 783-6362

CitySearch: “Carnivores of the Northwest line up at this burger joint for family-run flame-broiled goodness…”
The Stranger: “Red Mill just might offer the best burgers in Seattle…”

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  1. Kelley says:

    Best burger in Seattle. Order the bacon cheeseburger.

  2. Marty says:

    If this is the best burger Seattle has to offer then Seattle doesn’t know a good burger.

  3. seattle mike says:

    Their chicken burgers and chicken sandwiches are wonderful! Good fries and shakes, too.

  4. PAS915 says:

    Mmmm, verde veggie burgers!

  5. Squirrel Girl says:

    I do not get the cult around this place. Seriously, I have never had anything here that blew my mind. Plus, it’s so crowded and unfriendly, it hardly seems worth the effort. The shakes are pretty good, but who screws up a shake?

  6. MonkeyPilot says:

    The food is good. Not mind-blowing, but good. I just don’t care to wait to place an order, then wait to pick up my order, all the while crowing into that tiny space. There are better places to spend time.

  7. Josh says:

    What makes this place better than Dicks?

  8. js says:

    This is one of my favorite places, The blue cheese is fabulous, as are the onion rings and i love the atmosphere. very consistent.

  9. AK says:

    You wait cause it’s good. Come on Monkey. They play the Stones (that’s fun right?). It can’t be that painful to hang out with your neighbors for 10 mins.

  10. Cliff says:

    The food is way too good. I really can’t even look at fast food burgers any more.

    Yeah, the service is terrible, and occasionally you’ll have a terrible experience here. I avoided the mill for a year after waiting 45 minutes with a one year old. But … the next bacon blue wiped it from my memory and I’m a fan again.

    I’m not telling MonkeyPilot the secret for avoiding the wait. For the rest of you, remember that even if they tell you phone in orders will be done in 15 minutes, it won’t be. It works great to call in from the start of your commute on the 5X from downtown on a Friday night.

  11. Not as hungry now says:

    I love the burgers at Red Mill, but the Health Department doesn’t love their food prep practices, as evidenced by the most recent inspection. Come on Red Mill, you know you can do better than this! We don’t need to be put at risk by you guys.
    You’ve been doing this 15 years now. Get it together!

    Routine Inspection/Field Review


    65 (Red Violation Points….90 requires shutdown)

    -Food worker card not available or current, new food workers not trained
    -Improper methods used to prevent bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods
    -Improper cooking and temperature of potentially hazardous foods
    -Thermometers not available or used as required to evaluate temperature of potentially hazardous foods
    -Hands not washed as required

  12. SPG says:

    I’ve been a fan of the Mill for years, but lately it’s been getting ridiculous. Lines are long, waits are even longer, and what the hell is up with refusing to answer the phone? That is so infuriating that I’m not going to tip the next five times I go. A simple “I’m sorry we’re too busy to take phone orders right now, but please come in.” is that too much to ask?
    I wish there was another burger joint of this level so I could get a quick meal on the weekend instead of investing an afternoon for a burger.

  13. Stinky Larue says:

    Best burgers in all the land – “Red Mill Deluxe” with cheddar is great, and the fries are excellent.

  14. Peter says:

    over priced and snotty staff

  15. that guy says:

    red mill is pretty good- not the best burger in seattle, but still good. I like the verde burger. But anything is good with green chilies on it. Shakes and fries are good too. It always seems to take forever once you order but whatever.

  16. Phinneyman says:

    Red Mill is a good, solid burger joint. Their biggest downfall is the service. The burgers are above average for sure.

    To the folks who say Red Mill isn’t the best: What, pray tell, is the best burger joint in Seattle? (I’ve tried Dick’s. Blach, sub-standard.)

  17. Phinneyman says:

    Peter: I didn’t realize Red Mill sold staff, let alone that the staff was overpriced. I should go to Red Mill more often! That is, of course, if I had enough tissue for them to use. At least the staff isn’t snooty. The snooty ones, those are the ones to watch out for.

  18. Iron City Mike says:

    I’m boycotting now that I found out Starbucks next door is prohibited from having a toaster (no toasted bagels???) since that would be “competition” to Red Mill

  19. Greenwood Res says:

    They used to be great. The last couple times the food just wasn’t as good.

  20. seasea says:

    Stick a fork in them….they are done.

  21. Feistydude says:

    Had a brilliant meal there – just before the rings ran out that night. Always a crowd, and have never encountered the aforementioned snootiness.

    I would remind anyone who hasn’t served the public over a counter, that it’s a thankless experience, and that if you do you best to project a positive attitude, chances are much better it will be reciprocated. Get pushy with them, and out comes the snoot.

  22. Jon says:

    Used to be good (never great), but the last couple of times I’ve been dragged to Red Mill by devotees, the burgers stank of petroleum exhaust from the grill, the grease was soaking thru everything, and he onion rings were thoroughly burned. Kidd Valley is better, and for the same price you can get a stellar meal at BurgerMaster. Never again.

  23. CSC says:

    The food isn’t bad, but it’s not my favorite experience waiting for a burger. Once you have it, then eat it, and leave, you realize it wasn’t the worst experience in the world. It’s not a place I will ever frequent, but I can’t completely slam it either. It’s a very busy establishment.

  24. Laura Doyle says:

    So much of what has been said above is true(as far as the negative) but I so love the anaheim burger.

  25. Kelly says:

    Best burgers in the city.

  26. Phinneyman says:

    I’m back to post an update. No change. This place still has solid burgers. Super tasty. But I saw no change in the sometimes long wait. On nice days plan to wait. For those of you interested in trying something different burgerwise, check out the Lunchbox Laboratory near Crown Hill/East Ballard.

  27. John says:

    Good burgers, but nothing spectacular; I’d say it is on par with Kidd Valley. What is the deal with cash only at a place that sells $7 hamburgers. Cash only? What are we Amish?

  28. AreaMan1 says:

    We go to Red Mill a couple times a month on average. I would agree they are the best burgers in Seattle. But it doesn’t make up for the arrogance. Would it kill you to put a garbage can OUTSIDE so that patrons don’t have to climb over each other to get in and out of your tiny entrance with their trays? The no cash / no cell phones policy… more arrogance. The wait doesn’t bother me so much; that’s a direct result of popularity, not shoddy service. Although judging from these health department inspections that I’ve been hearing about for years now, it sounds like there are other issues behind the counter that need to be addressed. And to the Jon who mentioned the stench of petroleum exhaust from the grill, SO THAT’S WHAT THAT SMELL IS??!!!! My grandparents used to run a mom and pop gas station in rural Ohio in the 70s and the little public toilet there had a bizarre smell that I have never smelled anywhere else but the men’s room at Red Mill!?!? I just figured it was antique septic tank or some kind of sewage backup… but YES… it’s the petroleum smell MIXED IN with sewage. And in this case, hamburger grease. Yummo!!! And ENOUGH WITH THE ROLLING STONES ALREADY. Barf! A big loud “eat it and beat it” to your faithful customers? A tactic to abuse and “thin out” your crowds? Too much business got you down?

    But we keep coming back.

  29. Sam says:

    Greasy fat fries, dry tasteless burgers,slow service, log lines, crying babies. I hate this place. It is the. Apple computer of burger joints. Some reality distortion field makes people think the burgers are to die for

  30. name says:


    Wonder what else is in that Ketchup and Mustard.

    Cash only? Really? Isn’t this 2010?

  31. Tim says:

    I don’t know what it may have been like back in the day, but the quality of meat and flavor of these burgers is subpar. Seriously, Wendy’s has better quality meat. The toppings are good I guess, but they definitely don’t make up for the inexplicably long lines…