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Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras in and around Seattle's Greenwood and Phinney Ridge neighborhoods, including Auora Avenue, 15th Avenue NW, Fremont and I-5, powered by Seattle DOT and WSDOT. Refresh the page to update. See more cameras and a traffic map here.

Aurora Avenue

Aurora and N. 105th, facing south

Aurora and N. 103rd, facing south

Auora and N 87th St.

NW 85th St. and Aurora, looking east

Aurora at Winnona Ave. N

Aurora Bridge, facing south

15th Ave. NW

15th Ave. NW and NW 85th St.

15th Ave. NW and NW 65th St., looking south

NW Leary Way and 15th Ave. NW, looking east

15th Ave. NW and NW Market St., looking south

15th Ave. NW and and NW Market St., looking west

15th Ave. NW and Dravus, looking south


Evanston Ave. and N 36th St., looking West

Fremont Bridge, heading south

Fremont Bridge, heading north

I-5 in North Seattle

I-5 at 85th St.

I-5 at 45th St.

I-5 at Roanoke St.

I-5 at Mercer.