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Do you recognize this Greenwood package thief?

August 11th, 2017 by Doree

Rebecca tells us this man stole three packages early this morning from inside her locked apartment building’s lobby at 8745 Greenwood Ave. N.

The man was able to open the security panel at the outside entrance and then buzz himself into the building. Security cameras also caught the man inside with an armful of packages.

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Homeowner foils package thief by yelling at him through her video/audio doorbell

December 16th, 2016 by Doree

Update Dec. 23: The King County Sheriff’s Office called me to say they have identified the man. Stay tuned for more details.

Earlier: Lesley tells us she chased off a package thief Thursday afternoon by yelling at him through her Ring doorbell that has video and audio capabilities.

It happened on North 79th Street between Linden and Fremont avenues.

The man spent quite a bit of time trying to fit a large package into a cloth bag he brought with him. As he walked down the steps, she yelled at him through the doorbell, and he left the package on the porch and walked away.

The man was pushing a shopping cart and wearing a medical boot on one foot.

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Do you recognize this suspected package thief?

October 26th, 2016 by Doree

Tim tells us his security camera caught this man stealing a package from his steps on North 85th Street between Fremont and Linden avenues.


The man was carrying what looks like a tool tray from a toolbox, perhaps to make it look like he was a repairman. The man grabbed a small box from the steps and walked back towards the street.

Anyone recognize him?

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Phinney Ridge residents trick package thief with box of rocks

March 9th, 2015 by Doree

A Phinney Ridge resident tells us her home surveillance camera caught a woman stealing a package off her porch in broad daylight on Feb. 26. The homeowners decided to fill a decoy box with rocks and set it out on the porch. And, yes, they caught another thief on camera, swiping the package in the middle of the night.

KOMO has a story and the surveillance videos.

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Greenwood resident catches package thief on security camera – anybody recognize him?

August 19th, 2014 by Doree

Winnie sent us security camera photos that show a man stealing packages from her front door as well as her neighbor’s home on North 97th Street. She says he was riding a mountain bike. She filed a police report – case #2014-276085.


Does anybody recognize this man?


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Woman catches package thief in the act, gets her package back

June 13th, 2014 by Doree

We hear about mail and package theft all the time around here, but this story has a happier ending. Lisa tells us she caught a woman stealing a package off her front porch at NW 86th Street and 8th Avenue NW, confronted her and got her package back.

Around 1 pm, a woman tried to steal a package from our front door step. I stopped her and took my package back. She claimed that she was given the wrong address by her friend, “Caroline” or something like that, and was pretending to be confused.

She was in her late 40’s – 50’s, white, about 5’6″ with long brown hair tied in a ponytail. She also had heavy eye makeup. She had a purple sleeveless top, black pants, and a black sweater tied around her waist. She had a black backpack into which she had put my package. She also had a push cart, sort of a cross between a baby stroller and pet stroller – it was difficult to tell because she left it at the end of the driveway.

I called the police right after she left and gave them her description. They opened a case number and said that they would let me know if they find anything. I had also noticed a man walking up the street just before this happened but it was too far way for an accurate description. From what I could see, he had on a beige shirt, black pants, and a black backpack.

She left my house walking south on 8th Ave NW.

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PhinneyWood, My Ballard readers instrumental to package theft case

December 26th, 2013 by Doree

Det. Cary Coblantz of the Shoreline Police Department asked us to thank all the PhinneyWood and My Ballard readers who have emailed information and tips after two suspects were caught in a stolen car full of packages stolen from Ballard-area homes.

Det. Coblantz said nearly every item police recovered has been identified and returned to its rightful owner. He only has a few pairs of shoes and a few cooking items left. He asks that people STOP emailing him to enquire about any other items they may have had stolen. Det. Coblantz said he has fielded well over 1,000 emails in this case and has tried to respond to every one.

“I would like to thank the community members who stepped up and helped out, it will make the difference between nothing happening and suspect(s) being held accountable and serving time in jail and/or prison,” he wrote in an email. “If anyone has any information about people involved, video footage from their home systems, or information about witnesses please do continue to contact me. “

Det. Coblantz’s email is Cary.Coblantz@kingcounty.gov.

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Suspects in Ballard-Phinney package thefts arrested, but other thieves still out there

December 19th, 2013 by Doree

Shoreline Police Det. Cary Coblantz says his department arrested two suspects in a Ballard-area package theft case, but they know there is another active group in our area still stealing packages right off people’s doorsteps.

Shoreline Police arrested a man and a woman on Dec. 12 after a high-speed car chase that began on Interstate 5 near the 175th Street exit, and ended in a residential neighborhood after the suspects drove onto a dead-end street. Det. Coblantz says the suspects jumped out of a stolen dark gray Jetta as it was still moving and ran off. The car ran into a garage door, ending up several feet into the garage. The suspects were caught after a short foot chase, and were arrested and booked on probable cause for possession of a stolen vehicle, and pending investigation of possession of stolen property. The male remains in jail on $75,000 bail. The woman was released pending further investigation.

Dozens of stolen items were found in the car, most from the Ballard area and some of it has been reunited with its intended recipient or sent back to the shipper, but Det. Coblantz says they have exhausted all attempts to find the owners of the remaining 52 items. If you were a victim of package theft in the Ballard-Phinney area from late November to Dec. 12, email a detailed list of what you’re missing to Det. Coblantz at Cary.Coblantz@kingcounty.gov. (Note: Do not email him about package thefts in a different time frame or different location, as they are not related to this investigation.)

“The property portion of this case is active and ongoing,” Det. Coblantz said.

(Disclosure: I am a party to this case and interviewed Det. Coblantz for this story after giving my statement today.)

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Suspects caught in package thefts – if you were a victim, Shoreline police want to talk to you

December 18th, 2013 by Doree

Update Thursday: Here’s the link to Q13 Fox’s news segment on the stolen items recovered.

Update: Det. Coblantz was interviewed by Q13 today for a story airing tonight during the 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. Their video will show the remaining stolen items. If you see what you believe are your stolen items, then please email Det. Coblantz at Cary.Coblantz@kingcounty.gov.

He said he can’t keep up with the hundreds of emails that have come in today, including many from people who are asking about items stolen years ago, so please only email if your packages were stolen in late November/early December. The suspects were arrested Dec. 12.

Earlier: Det. Cary Coblantz in the Criminal Investigations Unit of the King County Sheriff’s Office/Shoreline Police is looking for anyone in the neighborhood who believes they had a package stolen in the last few weeks by a man and woman driving a gray four-door sedan. The two were arrested in Shoreline after a car chase, and the man is still in custody. Det. Coblantz said he has a large amount of stolen items to be reunited with owners. You can email him a list of your missing items; if he has a match to recovered items, he’ll get back to you.

His email is Cary.Coblantz@kingcounty.gov. If anyone witnessed the suspected thieves, he’d like to get your statement and have you look at some photos.

Det. Coblantz said he is fielding about 100 calls a day on this and another case, so please email instead of calling, and he won’t have time to call back if he doesn’t have a match to your stolen items.

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