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PhinneyWood Forum is up and running

September 1st, 2016 by Doree

PhinneyWood now has a new Forum, ready for neighbors to post about lost pets, classifieds, crime or general issues about the neighborhood. You’ll find the link in the top and bottom navigation bars.

If you were registered for our old Forum, which we disabled a while ago due to constant spam and recurring technical issues, you’ll need to register again on our new Forum site. We’ve got stronger spam controls in place, and a new web developer to handle any technical issues.

And please read the new Forum rules before posting. In general, keep it clean, don’t flame anyone, and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother or children to see. We reserve the right to bar anyone from posting in the Forum if they ignore the rules.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please email us at tips@phinneywood.com.

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Reminder: Tonight is Greenwood Community Council forum on Move Seattle levy

October 5th, 2015 by Doree

Just a reminder that the Greenwood Community Council Transportation Committee is hosting a forum from 7-8:30 p.m. tonight (Monday) at Works Progress, 115 N. 85th St., Suite 202, about the Move Seattle levy proposal on the November ballot.

In 2006, Seattle voters approved a nine-year $365 million transportation levy, known as Bridging the Gap, which will expire at the end of 2015. For the last eight years, this levy provided the Seattle Department of Transportation with nearly 25% of it’s funding with funds being used to address maintenance backlogs, improve transit service, rehabilitate bridges, and implement pedestrian safety projects throughout the city.

This November Seattle voters will vote on a new transportation levy that will replace Bridging the Gap. The replacement levy proposal, called “Move Seattle,” will fund an array of transportation projects throughout the city with the goals of reducing congestion, increasing safety, and improving aging infrastructure.

The $900 million Move Seattle levy would be paid for through a property tax that would cost the median Seattle household (approx. $450,000) about $275 per year for nine years.

We will be hosting a panel of representatives from the Let’s Move Seattle campaign who will make a brief presentation of what is in the levy proposal and what projects are specifically planned for North Seattle. We will also reserve plenty of time for questions from the audience.

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New PhinneyWood Forum up and running

April 8th, 2013 by Doree

Thank you to everyone for your patience while we dealt with yet another massive spam problem in our popular Forum. We’ve installed a completely new Forum, and imported most of the previous users’ registrations. So you should be able to log in using your old user name and password. If we accidentally deleted your registration while purging the old database, you’ll need to create a new account. (We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Our administrators tell us they saved about 1,500 previous registrations and deleted another 180,000 registrations that were spam. Our new Forum has much better spam controls for both registrations and posts.

So, please go ahead and start posting about lost pets, roommates wanted, interesting things seen in the neighborhood, and general observations. And thank you!

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PhinneyWood Forum is broken – again

March 7th, 2013 by Doree

PhinneyWood is continuing to have problems with massive spam attacks in its Forum. We have shut down new user registration again. If you’re already registered, you can continue to post. We have shut down all posting capabilities for the time being.

Please know that we are working on a solution and will let you know when the Forum is back on track. Thanks once again for your patience.

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PhinneyWood Forum back open to new user registrations

February 18th, 2013 by Doree

We’ve reopened PhinneyWood’s Forum to new user registrations. We closed it two months ago because of a massive influx of spam (we’re talking tens of thousands of spam posts). We’ve installed a plug-in that asks new users to “Prove you are human.” Hopefully that will keep the spammers out.

We check the Forum at least once a day, but if you see any spam getting through, please email us at tips@phinneywood.com to let us know.

And thank you for your patience.

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PhinneyWood Forum clear of spam, previously-registered users can post

January 9th, 2013 by Doree

We’d like to thank PhinneyWood readers for their patience while our Forum underwent a massive cleanup of spam recently. It took our administrators many, many hours to clear tens of thousands of spam users who had registered on our system. They also upgraded our spam filter, which is now catching most of the spam (although a few seem to be getting through each day).

We’ve also changed our Forum registration from an open system, where anyone can register and post immediately. For now, the Forum is closed to new registrations. Soon, we’ll open it back up, but all registrations will need to be approved by us, before you can post. That will help weed out spammers.

So, if you’re already registered as a PhinneyWood Forum user, then you can post now. If you’re not yet registered, you’ll have to wait a while longer until we’re sure we’ve got the spam problem under control.

Again, thanks for your patience.

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PhinneyWood Forum broken, please don’t post until further notice

December 27th, 2012 by Doree

You all have noticed a huge increase in the amount of spam in the PhinneyWood Forum lately. We have spent hours every day trying to clean it out, yet we still can’t keep up. We are waiting for our administrators to figure out the problem and implement a solution. In the meantime, please don’t post anything in the Forum, since it will just get buried by spam.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Lost Pets category created in PhinneyWood Forum

May 18th, 2012 by Doree

We’ve created a Lost Pets category in our Forum, to make it easier for folks to find out about missing and found pets. So now if you are missing a pet, or have found one, instead of posting it in the Classifieds section, please put it in the Lost Pets section.

We’ve also added “Lost Pets” to our navigation bar at the top of our home page.

We’ve moved the most recent lost and found pets Forum posts to this new section. The Forum now consists of four sections: Open Forum, where you can post general thoughts, observations or questions about the neighborhood; Reader Recommendations, where you can ask for help finding a good plumber or childcare, where to find good Italian food, etc.; Classifieds, where you can post about items you are selling or wanting to buy, or other business information; and Lost Pets.

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Reasons to feel good about living in PhinneyWood

May 3rd, 2010 by Dale

LizabethC recently commented in the forum about why she loves living in PhinneyWood.

I love the way the air smells in the winter and how I can look to the west and see the Olympic Mtns and to the east and see the Cascades from my front porch…It feels good being here…

The sentiment apparently caught on, with several others chiming in as well. Sezdog adds,

..being able to smell the ocean some mornings
seeing so many lovely gardens when I walk the dog…

And then there’s Let’s Get Real, who says,

I love my neighbors: left, right, front, and back. They are all different but wonderful in so many ways! I can’t imagine living on a cul-de-sac in Kirkland.

You can see the complete thread and add your thoughts here.

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