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Looking to refine your content? Emerald City Editing is now accepting new clients

Emerald City Editing, a new PhinneyWood-based proofreading and editing company, is currently accepting new clients. Specializing in working with small businesses, they provide services for all types of written content for bloggers, writers, professionals, and anyone who creates written content. Emerald City Editing is passionate about proofreading for typos, editing for grammar, and providing a professional second set of eyes to ensure no mistakes are in your professional messaging.

These services are ideal for businesses who publish regular communications via newsletters, social media posts, mass emails, or blogs. With an extensive background in proofreading legal documents, Emerald City Editing is also a great resource for the many small law firms in the PhinneyWood area, in addition to any businesses that write contracts for customers. 

Owner Samantha (Sam) Clark has over 15 years of experience proofreading and editing a variety of work in the fields of law, education, health & wellness, technology, nonprofits, and more. With so many new and long-standing small businesses in the area, Sam is excited to collaborate with the community she loves to live and work in. Please check out www.emeraldcityediting.com to learn more about this new local business, and on Instagram @emeraldcityediting if you love to catch typos!