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Two Baby & Me social dancing class courses available for registration

Long time dance instructor and brand new dad John Lozano is combining his loves to create a new class at the Phinney Center: Baby and Me Social Dancing. This class is intended for parents and caregivers with babies up to 12 months old.

The class will be incorporating music and the principles of various social dances to engage baby’s brain development, connection, and bonding with parents and caregivers. This class is to educate parents on the “rules of the road” regarding partner dancing, and could include music and movement from swing dances, blues dances, Latin dances, and ballroom dances. You will learn techniques to dance with babies, as well as techniques to dance with other adults.

“Our babies will come along for the ride. Sometimes holding them, sometimes strapping them on, sometimes pushing them in strollers, we’ll use the tools that parents bring to combine movement with music. Let’s face it, sometimes baby stuff can be boring…we need to get the parents and caregivers engaged too, so we’ll also be dancing together at different times in order to foster community among the group, and to practice the skills that we can take home to our partners.”

Attendees are welcome to bring a parent, partner or other caregiver as the cost for the course applies to your ‘household’. Older children are welcome to join and dance around to the music if childcare is difficult, but caregivers are responsible for attending to them. This is a great way to meet other parents, their babies and develop relationships in the community.

There are two upcoming 7-Week Courses: August 23rd – October 4th and November 1st – December 13th. Each course is $225 per family and the cost includes you, your baby, and another caregiver. You can learn more about the classes and sign up here.