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The Hello Girls Knitting Night tomorrow at the Taproot Theatre

While the women of the Bell Battalion Telephonic Ladies’ Switchboard Unit #1 make history as America’s first female soldiers in The Hello Girls, weave yourself into history by knitting your way through this great production on Friday, July 21st.

To honor the remarkable knitting efforts of over 6,000 Seattle-area knitters who produced items for American soldiers during World War I, Taproot invites you to a special knitting night. To unlock access to the Knitting Gallery, where you can knit with friends and fellow patrons in select seats, choose your date when purchasing online, then use promo code NEEDLE* when you buy your tickets.

As you knit and purl your way through the performance, each stitch becomes a testament to the spirit of the past as you knit for victory in a truly immersive setting.