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July Phinneywood Housing Market Snapshot

This is a monthly contribution to the Blog by Greenwood realtor Doron Weisbarth

Our PhinneyWood neighborhood has seen a third fewer sales last month compared to a year ago, in both single family homes, and condos. There are fewer new listings, and overall sales volume is down too. Yet the inventory of homes for sale is higher. What explains this dichotomy? A major contributing factor is that buyers are pickier these days and are willing to aggressively pursue quality homes that meet their long-term criteria. Sadly, many of the homes on the market are newer construction homes – some classified as single-family homes and others as condos, even though they may look the same – and many of these new homes seem less attractive to many buyers.  

You can see the full report online at PhinneyWoodHomes.com

It almost seems like the tale of two housing markets. The attractive, well designed, updated homes will sell fast and for top dollar, whereas those that don’t meet the buyers’ needs and expectations will languish, even though, on paper (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size, etc.), they might look the same.  

Getting the most from your transaction in this market requires a proven plan and a winning strategy. If you have questions about how to maximize your results, call Doron Weisbarth for a free, no-obligation consultation, at 206-779-9808.