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Phinney Ridge Community Council meeting on affordable housing and tree protection next Tuesday 5/2

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

The Seattle Office of Housing will discuss their role in helping provide affordable housing at the upcoming Phinney Ridge Community Council meeting. The proposed Affordable Housing Levy will also be discussed.

A Select Committee appointed by the Mayor has put together this proposal and it is being considered by the City Council, with the next public hearing on Wednesday May 31st at 4 pm. Here is the link for information and how to participate.

A levy uses the assessed total land and building improvements value to determine the dollar amount in addition to the base amount to funds state and local schools, Port of Seattle, King County and City governments, Fire Departments, and Libraries. Assessed value can increase or (unusually) decrease each year. This levy is not related to the King County mental health/crisis center levy that is currently up for a vote.

There will also be a Seattle tree protection update. The Land Use Committee of the City Council is currently reviewing the proposed ordinance, and there will be a public hearing at 10:30am on Monday, April 24th. The Urban Forestry Commission advises the City on protection, management and conservation of trees and vegetation. See their recommendations here.

Phinney Ridge Community Council Meeting
Tuesday May 2nd, 7pm via Zoom
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Meeting ID: 870 0579 6220