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Splatter Sessions & paint recycling event at Dabble

On April 15th, our neighborhood art Center Dabble will clear away their furniture and let the paint fly! Bring your own canvas (or other rigid painting surface) up to 5’ x 12’ to spread out on the floor and paint. Canvases can also be purchased from Dabble.

Paintings must be taken with you at the end of your session (even if they’re wet – and they will be). Price includes house paint, stirring/flinging sticks, brushes, plastic booties and other materials for flinging paint. You can work on one giant painting or several small pieces all at once. Max 4 people per group and all ages are welcome. You can book your session here.

Before the event, you can bring your old house paint to Dabble to be turned into art. Donations will be accepted until the day before the sessions. Please come during drop in hours (W-F 10am – 8pm, Sa 10am-3pm). Do not leave paint outside. Must be water soluble latex – no enamels, laquers or stains.

Splatter Sessions and Paint Recycling at Dabble
306 N. 83rd Street
April 15th, 10am – 3pm