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Celebrate community, nostalgia, and giving back at PNA’s Spring Fundraiser

Join your community at the PNA on Saturday, April 29, for the annual Spring Fundraiser! The annual Spring Fundraiser is a moment to collectively reflect on how far the PNA has come in its mission to support a healthy, strong, and inclusive community. Everyone is welcome at the Spring Fundraiser; whether you are a long-time PNA member or someone who has just moved into the neighborhood, you’ll be surprised by how the PNA has played a critical role in strengthening social connections, economic stability, educational opportunities, and cross-cultural engagement.

This year’s theme is the 80’s, as the PNA was founded in 1980!.The last 40 years have been a period of exceptional growth and expansion in terms of programs, services, footprint, and reach to the people served. The PNA has thrown 93 community events and engaged with more than 50,000 people annually, served 17,000 hot meals, supported over 350 small businesses, enrolled more than 200 preschoolers, and relied on more than 1,400 volunteers who have selflessly given over 30,000 hours for the benefit of our community.

So help celebrate the next 40 years of impact by breaking out your 80’s neon or punk-themed costumes and buying tickets or full tables your today. Click HERE to learn more details about this year’s Spring Fundraiser and more ways to be involved. Questions? Please contact Jenny Marquette at [email protected].