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Oliver’s Twist owner seeking community support to open new Cambodian restaurant in Greenwood

Khmer Kreoung-Marinated Beef Skewers & Khmer Pickled Veggies

Karuna Long, owner of longtime neighborhood fixture and community-driven craft cocktail bar Oliver’s Twist, is in the planning stages of bringing a Cambodian restaurant to reality. Long pivoted early in the pandemic away from stuffed dates and truffled popcorn to favorites such as braised pork belly and kroeung chicken, and wants to continue that momentum into a brand new venture.

Long has created a Kickstarter to help get him to this new goal, and relays a rich familial context that fuels the dream:

We are very excited to bring our Covid-influenced Cambodian pop-up to life in the form of a separate brick & mortar, Sophon. I’m honored to share with you more about the mission that delves deep into the heart of our cultural identity through something so profound, yet communal & essential, our food.

Being first generation Cambodians to immigrant parents that fled the devastation of the Khmer Rouge, finding an identity outside of the home was never easy. Whether it was in Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Lowell or Long Beach, CA, the late 80’s & 90s proved difficult to assimilate to western culture when growing up in the impoverished areas that we grew up in. However, home was where we could always refocus & ground ourselves. Home was a sanctuary for myself and my younger brothers.

Learn more about the project and support the Kickstarter here.

Nom Banh Chok (A comforting curried fish with thin rice noodles & a plethora of fresh, Khmer herbs & veggies.)